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Mila Kunis New Fashion Shoot-2012 (1)

mila-kunis-new-fashion-shoot-2012 (1)

Into the Wild Fashion Shoot

Screen shot 2012-03-17 at 8.13.24 AMScreen shot 2012-03-17 at 8.13.10 AMScreen shot 2012-03-17 at 8.13.35 AM

Summer 2012: Tropical Punch

We glamazon fashion jungle, as follows: Try a walk on the wild side this summer. Keep the sizzle and pop, crash paired with a swirl of exotic fashion watches. By injection in the column of the jungle, culture, places, inspired tropical beaches of this tropical Travellers - and her own lack of drums can be victorious.

Miss USA 2012: 'Garden of Goddesses' fashion shoot at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV

FIDM Student Models on Shoot


Arizona basic Anthony Hilborn studying Visual Communications from FIDM's Los Angeles campus. As background music, at its core, is creative. Him in Korea market on a particular day, you Chinatown grocery shopping or roaming around can be found. He recently of fall fashion shoot in the model.

Fashion Club, "I'm honored twice for model with a fun atmosphere at the same time still is always very professional environment. I like to have new ideas on the table of the shooting comes to mind, any attempt which is always fashion club. "

Photo Shoot Ideas Part 2 – Water

 Here are 4 photo shoot ideas using water:

1. Water locations 
It is an amazing place to have a photo shoot the beach and swimming pool. The proximity of their faces as shown in the water, and the subject of submarine own geukdanjeokreul. Better, you get the girl you want to apply dramatic makeup (waterproof) to take a picture of the face of the semi-submersible child. And floating in the swimming pool at the back of the year - another idea vintage wear model dresses (wedding dresses If you are brave enough).

2. Bath tub and bubbles photo shoots
For children, a really cute idea is to take a bubble bath photo shoot. Tub (or small barrel), find their bubbles to play. Foam twiginwa water for a nice texture to the photo you want to be.

This is also a fashion photo shoot would be. Models to wear their clothes and amazing body potion and make sure they are secure. To stand up or lie to them in the tub, undressing, water dripping during the shoot.

3. Water Balloons
Amazing idea for a child's birthday or engagement shoot water balloons photo shoot. You have a picture of the subject, you have to write a small message or name on the balloon. Balloon water balloon before, and throw or drop tteurieul break over people and get to take pictures with.

4. Water Throwing
Sounds simple but need other people to help you think that you can stand in front of backdrops of bright colors of the subject import. Your secondary / friends / people on the streets are equipped with a bucket of water can be held in Look at the pictures because the camera focused on the subject, and water is thrown to them. A huge amount of water in a lot of natural light, and in some cases work best.

Bridal Fashion Shoot : fun ideas, poses and cool shots

By Curtis Moore photos, wedding video with you from the Madeline's weddings and events and a moving picture studio photos. Michelle can remember planning her beautiful wedding in a recent feature of the Well, Michelle is actually the photographer himself, and Michelle Zerr ofthe owner of the photo. While visiting her blog, she recently to shoot a gun, bridal fashion and fell in love. Michelle said "I" is one of my biggest passion and happiness When shooting fashion and creative shooting. Has taken to get dolled model is the city's local talent, Michelle. Hair makeup FX from being performed by James and good eye makeup artists Janique and Daena by was performed. Stellas bridal dress was in the Galleria. Shot is absolutely amazing! If you are considering having them done, I hope you can get some ideas for your wedding photos. And, Click here to see more pictures from the bridal fashion shoot.

Fashion Photography by myobx

Fashion Photography
Fashion Photography

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Channing Tatum Fashion Style: Look Like a Male Supermodel

Male super model / want to look like a Hollywood actor Channing Tatum? Then their own fashion style and copy it. Yeah, it's a simple secret to dress like a male celebrity or model. Only mimic the mouth and check whether what they own styling changes. Before you know it, you are a celebrity / looking like a male model.

Anyway, do you check our previous post about Channing Tatum Fashion Style:

Channing Tatum Fashion Style on GQ Magazine – Photos
16 February 2011
celebrity dolce gabbana leather jacket

Channing Tatum, star of the movie Eagle is the cover of the March 2011 issue of GQ Magazine and appeared as a child. The photo above, the magazine for boyfriend (we can dream, can not we?) Cover image. Gucci leather jacket really cool wearing your boyfriend! But you mix it all now then this white leather jacket (also from D & G) should be attempted.

Channing in prison inspiration from the Gap (Gap), black and white striped shirt. Dior Homme jeans.
gap tshirt for men
Jeans and jacket by Armani.

Coveralls and Tank Top Shirts: Channing Fashion Style
04 September 2010

That we can do, let me continue blogging about this Channing Tatum. From Kaufman's Army and Navy on the top and bottom of his coveralls, he sexy, does not it?

Own Gucci tank top, not to learn more about Mr. fabulous? This man is delicious.

Louis Vuitton shirt and some desert. Virginia for example, even if you adapt to the desert, you can still be cool.

Channing Tatum on Details Magazine
02 September 2010
Channing goes for the Dolce and Gabbana look in this photo-shoot for Details Magazine.

Channing Tatum Watch: Rolex Daytona
04 August 2010

Nice cute guy male supermodel - setting - success - know a movie star, Channing Tatum sure how to choose the elegant luxury watches. He headwear brand? The boy got a Rolex watch. Rolex Daytona is a record of what model? Own Rolex Daytona watch to them first favorite Hollywood celebrity list chaeningga contains.

Channing Tatum: The Eagle Movie
06 August 2010

We've seen pictures of Channing Tatum magazine, now will be released in 2011 in the movie, Eagle from their leather clothes and check on him let's Our review of the movie we can see in the film after the Eagle. But now it's February 2011 a few months.

Anyway, the Roman centurion Marcus eagle Star Who We Tatum .... Here, about what's in the film is described as follows: IMDB

Mountains in Scotland 20 years ago, the entire Ninth Legion that can not be explained after the disappearance, in 140 AD, young centurion Marcus (Tatum) eagle solve the mystery, and to restore the reputation of his father, the commander of the Ninth Rome from arrival. Only his British slave Esca (Bell), along with the memory of my dad, and peace, from Hadrian's Wall in the uncharted highlands of Marcus Caledonia explicit - the barbarian tribes faced and can retrieve the lost legion's golden emblem, the eagle 9.

Mark Strong, Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, and Donald Sutherland co-stars.

How to Dress Like Kris Allen Style

Kris Allen
While going their way at the top of the list of participants of the final Allen, American Idol, American Idol participants Kris Allen has developed a style of his own fashion. His closet is a result of the hip, glossy specializing in traditional college-boy's club look blends worthy of emulation.

Handsome all-American rocker to differentiate into fellow actress rocker, Adam Lambert and Chris' outfit choice certainly contrasts. Boy George, Adam Trent Reznor and Raul's creepy inconvenience combination seems to channel his inspiration from 'The Phantom of the Opera' style of Kris Allen is much closer. He you singing at the age of 13, he Rebel what you would expect from a 23-year-old student playing the guitar at the University of Central Arkansas campus with just the right touch of hot man. You to bring home to meet the parents, he is a person who does not care. Adam, on the other hand, will remain on the rock concert.

How you Chris Allen's laidback yet glossy style to imitate? It sometimes yeolsimhiyi Gap, Abercrombie, and American Eagle to visit for most people, but are willing to throw long mixed with a little James Dean in

Personalized jacket. A simple t-shirt with a suit jacket or table-shaped white shirt pairing, whether Kris Allen look an integral part.

Jeans to the edge of the well. Most of the men to buy their jeans too large, then did not show all the really good men in the right place to fit thinner sheet-shaped work. Someone like Chris's style of American Idol (American Idol) in the episode wore a pair of Joe's Jeans Jeans by large seamlessly complements. Cleaner costume selection and distressing his jeans shape, and add a bit of edge contrast.

Button-up shirt. A variety of styles and patterns, button-up shirt adds a clean look to the style of Chris.

Funny t-shirts. Some college students can not live without them, and the appearance of Chris layer using interesting patterns and logos tea contains. Try using a button-up combination of various styles from different necklines.

Bracelets two necklaces and maybe a modest minimum accessories. Finish the look of Chris jewelry is enough.

Cool shoes. College for men cool sneakers, boots and adjust the shape of Chris.

Messy hair. Chris tousled hair, someone else can. It, along with a bit of additional length in the sideburns just a hair growing a little, then add the gel and confusion geugeolreul length Take a trip. Women every time to win over look simple, foolproof.

Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses

Fashion short prom dress while attending an important event in the lives of women to be very good. Therefore, it's just recycled vintage style, but short prom dress style, are always the latest. , However, does not make a mistake Classic vintage style, we can inspire other fashion styles, very fashionable. Prom Dress special and beautiful colors to create a luxurious look to the clothes, the following are some of the latest styles ipnidagwa 2012.
beautiful short prom dresses design Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
beautiful short prom dresses design

This Clarisse knee-length dress women was harmful to the special night! Fri rainbow stripes of gold rainbow silk skirt with gold glitter and a heart-shaped bodice knee length dress features a A good reunion or a party!
pink short prom dress Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
pink short prom dress

Style 1410 formal dresses lease must feel like a princess! Short puffy pink clothes decorated and are equipped with the perfect amount of 'sparkle' on the baby's chest.

2012 short prom dresses Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
2012 short prom dresses

beautiful pink prom dress Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
beautiful pink prom dress

2012 super cute baby doll short prom dresses! Clarisse prom dress 1511 come in white and black or pink and black silk skirt lace one shoulder strap and asymmetrical lace layer! This large shoulder sweet sixteen party prom dress 2012 prom dresses! Evening gowns do not need any more. This pretty dress formal prom or semi-formal homecoming dance at home. Cute cocktail length formal dress black lace accents and silk skirts this for any event chungbunreul while supposedly.
trends 2012 prom dresses Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
trends 2012 prom dresses
If you trying to light the official event, a short sequin cocktail dress you want, just what you can! Jovani's fascinating short formal dresses 14338, the bodice and hemline, and is equipped with a V-neckline, daring fantasies! Here and there pieces of passage decorated with a cross-strap cocktail dress purple or black with gold to come to a dance party, dance party, or a cocktail party is perfect!
gold short prom dress 2012 674x1024 Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
gold short prom dress 2012

blue prom dress 627x1024 Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
blue prom dress

Adorable Gold or Blue short prom dresses by Clarisse. Heart-shaped glittered sequins neckline, gathered empire sash, and multi layers of tulle with curled bottom to give “puffy” effect. Perfect for any event!!! Center back zipper is hidden with a super cute side bow!!!

blue short prom dress 2012 Trends 2012 Vintage Inspired Short Prom Dresses
blue short prom dress 2012

Best Today’s Look : Cute Tulip Skirt

If you have a good idea to match your fashion style skirt, maybe one of the best. Today, however, polling this fashion style, we provide the best of luck on our Web site. In China, the model offers us a different Pull and bear and the green color and the top of her tulip skirt. Very simple but totally cute. Tulis's skirt, and Prada Clutch cocktail. Pie ROSETATU And are more attractive MIU MIU Bow Hill. That you cute? Get the look!
Cute Korean Fashion Style 2012 Best Todays Look : Cute Tulip Skirt