Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Overcome Dental Pain

Toothache really make suffer. Starting from could not sleep, could not eat due to dental sick. Continues to how to eliminate tooth pain quickly so that pain could soon disappear? There are several ways that you can choose to eliminate tooth pain you are experiencing. By treating toothache traditionally or going to the dentist. If the dentist of course need a sizable fee. Then just use the traditional way.

 How to cure toothache naturally:

Fruit starfruit
5 pieces starfruit washed, eaten with a little salt, chewing teeth are hollow place.

Ice block / stone
Take a small piece of ice and place it back in between your index finger and thumb. Gently massage in that section, well now you can feel the pain slowly began to lose? Massage comfortably by the ice beam touches the nerve cells located around the thumb and forefinger. Massage is done the ice cube directly to the nerve center, so that 60-90% of pain you are feeling quickly disappeared.

Minced garlic in the garlic (1 garlic clove), then sprinkle a little salt. Chewing on the sore area and soon the pain in your teeth will slowly disappear. You may also use it as a therapy to strengthen the bone structure of your teeth.

Same way with Garlic. The content of the enzyme in onions may help kill the nasty germs in the mouth.

Squeeze the lime juice, daub it on the aching tooth spoonful after spoonful every 10 minutes until the juice runs out. Beside rich in vitamin C, orange juice also serves as a pain reliever your teeth.

It's easy, sprinkle salt in a glass of warm mineral water. Stir then use as a means of mouthwash. Gargle at least until you feel comfortable enough and not too tormented by toothache pain.

Use Item 10 cloves roasted and ground into a powder, clove powder and then put into a hollow tooth and covered with cotton. White goods grown up sufficiently smooth perforated then placed on the tooth.

Green chili
Use green chili cut and burned the edges a little. Once hot, the chilli paste on the aching tooth.

Flower leaf pm
Use fireworks afternoon leaves boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, while warm then used to rinse his mouth.

- Antibiotics
Tooth pain is a common disease. The cause is infection. The infection comes from bacteria in food left on teeth. Cavities causes of food left in the tooth. This is a fertile medium for bacterial growth. These bacteria can infect the gums so swollen gums can, berdarang and pain. To treat, use an antibiotic that can penetrate soft tissue such as amoxicillin (Amoxsan, Kalmoxilin) ​​or Clindamisin (Probiotin, Climadan). To reduce pain Rassa can take mefenamic acid (Mefinal, Ponstan) or diclofenac (Voltren, Voltadex). Do not use mefenamic acid and antalgin simultaneously, because the drug is a kind and when used together can cause overdose. If you are 'gifted' asthma, these drugs can trigger asthma attacks. So your chest tightness may be due to this. My advice, replace antibiotics with Clindamycin (Probiotin, Climadan). Meanwhile, to reduce pain, use of diclofenac and nutriflam.


 The only way to dismiss your teeth ache just to the dentist, cavity (cavities) can only be revoked or patched if conditions are not bad. Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day is necessary to prevent cavity and breath odor. Dental cavities that can cause bad breath and foul smelling. So before it's too late try to prevent than to cure.


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