Friday, August 24, 2012

Photo Shoot Ideas Part 2 – Water

 Here are 4 photo shoot ideas using water:

1. Water locations 
It is an amazing place to have a photo shoot the beach and swimming pool. The proximity of their faces as shown in the water, and the subject of submarine own geukdanjeokreul. Better, you get the girl you want to apply dramatic makeup (waterproof) to take a picture of the face of the semi-submersible child. And floating in the swimming pool at the back of the year - another idea vintage wear model dresses (wedding dresses If you are brave enough).

2. Bath tub and bubbles photo shoots
For children, a really cute idea is to take a bubble bath photo shoot. Tub (or small barrel), find their bubbles to play. Foam twiginwa water for a nice texture to the photo you want to be.

This is also a fashion photo shoot would be. Models to wear their clothes and amazing body potion and make sure they are secure. To stand up or lie to them in the tub, undressing, water dripping during the shoot.

3. Water Balloons
Amazing idea for a child's birthday or engagement shoot water balloons photo shoot. You have a picture of the subject, you have to write a small message or name on the balloon. Balloon water balloon before, and throw or drop tteurieul break over people and get to take pictures with.

4. Water Throwing
Sounds simple but need other people to help you think that you can stand in front of backdrops of bright colors of the subject import. Your secondary / friends / people on the streets are equipped with a bucket of water can be held in Look at the pictures because the camera focused on the subject, and water is thrown to them. A huge amount of water in a lot of natural light, and in some cases work best.

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