Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Dress Like Kris Allen Style

Kris Allen
While going their way at the top of the list of participants of the final Allen, American Idol, American Idol participants Kris Allen has developed a style of his own fashion. His closet is a result of the hip, glossy specializing in traditional college-boy's club look blends worthy of emulation.

Handsome all-American rocker to differentiate into fellow actress rocker, Adam Lambert and Chris' outfit choice certainly contrasts. Boy George, Adam Trent Reznor and Raul's creepy inconvenience combination seems to channel his inspiration from 'The Phantom of the Opera' style of Kris Allen is much closer. He you singing at the age of 13, he Rebel what you would expect from a 23-year-old student playing the guitar at the University of Central Arkansas campus with just the right touch of hot man. You to bring home to meet the parents, he is a person who does not care. Adam, on the other hand, will remain on the rock concert.

How you Chris Allen's laidback yet glossy style to imitate? It sometimes yeolsimhiyi Gap, Abercrombie, and American Eagle to visit for most people, but are willing to throw long mixed with a little James Dean in

Personalized jacket. A simple t-shirt with a suit jacket or table-shaped white shirt pairing, whether Kris Allen look an integral part.

Jeans to the edge of the well. Most of the men to buy their jeans too large, then did not show all the really good men in the right place to fit thinner sheet-shaped work. Someone like Chris's style of American Idol (American Idol) in the episode wore a pair of Joe's Jeans Jeans by large seamlessly complements. Cleaner costume selection and distressing his jeans shape, and add a bit of edge contrast.

Button-up shirt. A variety of styles and patterns, button-up shirt adds a clean look to the style of Chris.

Funny t-shirts. Some college students can not live without them, and the appearance of Chris layer using interesting patterns and logos tea contains. Try using a button-up combination of various styles from different necklines.

Bracelets two necklaces and maybe a modest minimum accessories. Finish the look of Chris jewelry is enough.

Cool shoes. College for men cool sneakers, boots and adjust the shape of Chris.

Messy hair. Chris tousled hair, someone else can. It, along with a bit of additional length in the sideburns just a hair growing a little, then add the gel and confusion geugeolreul length Take a trip. Women every time to win over look simple, foolproof.

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